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Risa Cohen delights in the experience of making others laugh - even if only in her own imagining of a card or gift  exchanged by strangers. She knows the power of humor - perhaps particularly irreverent humor - to lift the fog of everyday moments.


From early childhood, Risa gathered the neighbors, friends and family, and performed - sharing revelatory moments paired with the carefully placed fart joke or 'inappropriate' reference. Now an eighth grade public school English teacher, Risa still appreciates an audience and a good laugh, although it's her students doing the performing... enter Chucklcards, part outlet for musings, part homage to her late father, Chuck.


Risa now makes products to make you laugh, reflect and share a deeply personal / cringe-worthy / fu*king hilarious moment with your loved ones and chosen family.


Start shopping now for inappropriately humorous cards and gifts!

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